Paintings made during my Colart Residency

The day the sun came home, 50 x 50 cm, acrylic paint and blended fibres gel on canvas, 2021.
The golden eggshell, spray paint, acrylic and ceramic stucco gel on canvas, 60 w x 40 h cm, 2021.
The manicure and the headphones, mixed media and texture gel on canvas, 45 h x 60 w cm, 2021.
Did she speak the truth? oil paint and super heavy gel on canvas, 50h x 40 w cm, 2021.
That afternoon, mixed media, A4 size, 2021
Facetime & the fortune, oil paint and heavy gel on canvas, 50 h x 40 w cm, 2021.
The apartment, acrylic paint on canvas, 215 h x 180 w cm, 2021.
The sisters diptych, mixed media, both A4 size, 2021
Self portrait and Thames sketch, mixed media, all three A4 size, 2021.
The dancing aunt, mixed media, A4 size, 2021.

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