About Me

Latifah Al-Said is an artist of British/Omani heritage, born in London and raised in the Middle East and UK. She studied for her BA at Central Saint Martins and her MA at The Royal College of Art.

Her work often touches on themes of loss, memory, identity, and violence on the human body. She has researched and made work about the ongoing refugee crisis, the wars In Yemen and Syria, the slave trade in Zanzibar in the 1800’s, and modern day human trafficking.

Human rights are very important subject for her, and she believes that as an artist she has a duty to record and react to what she sees going on in the world around her. To give a voice and bear witness to injustice in the world, and to start a discussion that will keep highlighting the need to remember. Many people feel helpless in these unstable times, and she hopes that through her work she can bring people together, to realize that they shouldn’t suffer in silence and that we must stand together and speak out on issues that resonate.

Her current projects include a series of images about missing people and the psychological impact on families when violence occurs, and how as a community we respond and come together in moments of tragedy.

Her Paintings and drawings can be seen on paper, canvas and site-specific large murals. They show the strength and frailty of the human body, and question our sense of identity with the aim of connecting viewer, and causing them to enter a conversation on social and political world issues that affect us all as humans, regardless of race or religion or gender.



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