About Me

Born to parents from the East and the West, I have always been fascinated by cultural hybridity and how this has shaped my senses, and the lens through which I experience the world. In pursuit of a fleeting moment, I contextualise and reframe the presence and absence of family members and belongings.

Through painting, I challenge the perceptions of my own unique existence, brown and white, Muslim and Christian, female body and gaze with and without the veil and mask. I invented my female heroines as a tool to explore these concepts, at times appearing half visible beneath a sheer veil, almond eyes staring intently through a traditional batoola mask, or with lids delicately closed, lost deep in contemplation. These women and their surroundings, that I obsessively paint, are all fictional members of my metaphorical tribe. The bold figures of my tribe are turned into goddesses, symbolising and celebrating the child, maiden, mother and wise old woman.

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