The stories you told me (Part 1)

The tangling of womanhood, mixed media painting 2019, 200 x 220 cm


Hold your breath, mixed media painting, 2019, 120 x 80 cm


The woven tale ( a woman’s testimony), mixed media installation, 2019, 200 cm x 250 cm

A woven tale (a womans testimony) 2019.jpg

The wedding dream (the tears I would cry), mixed media painting, 2019, 140 x 180 cm


Self portrait, mixed media painting, 2019, 90 x 120 cm


Somewhere that felt like home, mixed media painting, 2019, 150 x 130 cm


Everything that happens behind closed doors, mixed media painting, 2019, 113 x 166 cm


We share the same story, mixed media on perspex, 2019, 100 x 180 cm


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