Trying to understand (me)

The boy that became a man, 2018, mixed media oil paint and collage, 200 x 100 cmthumbnail_Screenshot_20181122-134631_Gallery (1).jpg

Close up detail of dad, the boy that became a man.thumbnail_Screenshot_20181122-134921_Gallery (1).jpg


Triptych, mother and son, 2018 mixed media painting, 21 x 30 cm per imagethumbnail_Screenshot_20181122-134830_Gallery (1).jpgthumbnail_Screenshot_20181122-134817_Gallery (1).jpgthumbnail_Screenshot_20181122-134810_Gallery (1).jpg

Can I remember, 2018, Oil on canvas, 80 x 50

thumbnail_Screenshot_20181122-134614_Gallery (1).jpg

lost memory, all I have is a copy of your photo, 2018, oil on canvas,120 x 120 cm

thumbnail_Screenshot_20181122-134526_Gallery (1).jpg

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